Staff Scientist & Lab Manager: 

Chris Buyarski

Chris Buyarski (M.S. West Virginia University)
[email protected]

Graduate Students:

  • Maria DeLandreau, M. S. Student
  • Kate Flick, Ph.D. student (co-advise with Mike Dockry, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station)
  • Annie Hawkinson, M.S. student
  • Matt Hill, M.S. student
  • Lori Knosalla, M.S. student
  • Tom Kenote, M.S. student 
  • Mara McPartland, M.S. student (co-advise with Mike Falkowski, Colorado State University)
  • Claudia Nanninga, Ph.D. student 
  • Artur Stefanski, Ph.D. student (co-advise with Peter Reich)


  • Theo Brauer
  • Sam Graf
  • Ellie McNairy
  • Kris Moore

Alumni-graduate students and post doctoral researchers:

  • Karen Rice (M.S. 2016); USGS-BRD Florida Everglades
  • Andrew Pretorius (M.S. 2015); Science Teacher, Hanover, Indiana
  • Moana McClellan (Ph. D. 2014); UCLA
  • Kala Peebles (Ph. D. 2014)
  • Carrie Pike (Ph. D. 2013); USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
  • Claudia Nanninga (M.S. 2013); University of Minnesota, Forest Resources
  • Ted Salk (M.S. 2013)
  • Christel Kern (Ph. D. 2011); USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
  • Cassie Kurtz (M.S. 2010); USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station
  • Chris Pinahs (M.S. and J.D. 2011) co-advised with Peter Reich
  • Brian Pelc (M.S. 2008) co-advised with Peter Reich; The Nature Conservancy
  • Justin Kunkle (post doc, 2005-2007); Kellogg Biological Station LTER
  • Suzie Boyden (post doc, 2005-2008) currently Associate Professor of Forest Ecology at Clarion University


  • Erik Schilling
  • Abigail Hansen
  • Laura Nelson
  • Lindsay Hastings
  • Chris Gronewold
  • Bill Hakala
  • Michele Hanson
  • Kyle Le Doux
  • Melissa Maxa
  • Mike Reinikainen
  • John Segari
  • Kathryn Swanson (nee Smith)