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Humans continue to change the environment locally, regionally and globally. We have eliminated and introduced species, changed resource availability, fragmented the landscape and altered climate. Understanding the response of natural systems to these changes requires knowledge of the mechanisms through which organisms respond to the abiotic and biotic environment. Research in my lab focuses on understanding these mechanisms. In particular, we study the role of plant functional traits (e.g. photosynthesis, water loss, leaf anatomy, biomass allocation, allometry, growth, survival) in plant ecology and response to global change. We are interested in understanding how plants interact with and respond to their environments and the implications of these responses for forest dynamics, forest management, biodiversity and ecosystem function . This broad scope allows us to ask questions pertinent to understanding important topics such as
  • the effects of global climate change on terrestrial ecosystems
  • ecology of forest understories
  • mechanisms of species interactions (e.g. competition, facilitation) in forest ecosystems
  • the ecology of managed forest ecosystems

Current research projects in my lab examine:

(1) the potential for projected climate change to alter tree species composition at the southern boreal-temperate forest ecotone [DOE & Wilderness Research Foundation funded research; PI Dr. Peter Reich]

(2) phenological change in Minnesota: causes and consequences [LCCMR funded research; PI Dr. Rebecca Montgomery]

(3) remote sensing diversity [NSF/NASA funded research; PI Dr. Jeannine Cavender-Bares]


Rebecca Montgomery

Rebecca Montgomery
Forest Resources
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